Buying Or Selling A Business?

Selling your business or practice

The recent sale of a cooperative incorporated financial planning firm was initiated and negotiated by the senior founding partner of CEO Capital (CC). The entity was structured in such a way that suitors were prepared to pay multiples that were well above the industry averages. CC crystallizes and magnifies value and achieves the client’s desired results.

We are experts at assisting Advisors assess the current value of their business, helping them increase the value of the business, bringing buyers to their door and negotiating the final sale. Contact us and learn how we make a very complex and disruptive business decision operate with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

NON - financial organizations and/or corporations

The same principles apply to the non-financial services sector of the economy. CEO Capital is now extending the CEO Model to the non-financial sector. The CEO Model of building a business goes back to its roots over 30 years ago. It was founded by Harry James and Dave Velanoff primarily for the purpose of improving lifestyle and crystallizing and magnifying an organization or corporation’s financial valuation.

The presentation below will provide a high-level overview of the highly successful system that has enhanced value significantly for the individuals who made a decision to convert their organization or business to CEO Model standards.