How we help

Investment Banking Facilitation

CEO Capital is well connected in the financial services community. If you require assistance in accessing venture capital for a project, restructuring or acquisition we will attempt to match you up with the appropriate party or strategic partner.

CEO Capital is not an Investment Banker but we are well connected with the Investment banking community. Consider us a match maker for your business!

Advisor Placement

We all know the grass is not always greener on the other side but if you need to check out the real estate and possibly make a move, CEO Capital (CC) has the expertise, experience and a complete understanding of the issues.

It goes without saying that leaving your current home is a very stressful venture and no one wants to move again especially in an environment of significant regulatory change where there is increased pressure to justify your value proposition to your clients and the public.

Buying Or Selling A Business?

Selling your business or practice

The recent sale of a cooperative incorporated financial planning firm was initiated and negotiated by the senior founding partner of CEO Capital (CC). The entity was structured in such a way that suitors were prepared to pay multiples that were well above the industry averages. CC crystallizes and magnifies value and achieves the client’s desired results.